Thursday, November 5, 2009

Family Tree DNA Sale

Family Tree DNA Sale

November-December, 2009

Family Tree DNA is offering a Holiday Season promotion on the price of their y-DNA37 and y-DNA67 products, among other tests that are available. The sale is good from now until December 31, 2009.

The HAM DNA Project is still waiting for DNA participants from Maine, New Hampshire, Virginia, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania. We are also waiting for more participants from other countries, such as England, Ireland, France, and Germany. Just as the DNA has shown possible links to the Norman invasion for Group #1, we have other groups that are waiting for more DNA matches for clues to their ancestry.

Thanks to the DNA, I am now wondering how my group came to England with the Conqueror.

Without participants from the areas mentioned above, we remain a tiny project. I would estimate that we are still missing about 40 DNA "Groups" for the HAM DNA Project. HAM(M)(N)(E) lines of Native American or African American descent have yet to be tested, among others.

This past week I've gotten emails about the Project, curious to know if we have a match to the Lords of Ham, or asking about what to do with the DNA information. But we haven't had a new DNA participant since February.

Well, now is your chance to sign up at discount prices. Here are some of the specials from Family Tree DNA:

• Y-DNA37 – promotional price $119 (reg. price $149)
• Y-DNA67 – promotional price $209 (reg. price $239)
• mtDNAPlus – promotional price $139 (reg. price $149)
• SuperDNA – promotional price $488 (reg. price $665)

This promotion will run through the end of December, so now is a good time to participate if your HAM line is not yet participating.

More information regarding "How To" participate is given on the HAM Country web pages, but U.S. participants can go directly to the order form at FTDNA here:

HAM DNA Project order form at FTDNA

and European residents can visit the European web site for ordering information at Family Tree DNA:

(Indicate that you want to "Join" the HAM DNA Project for the Holiday discount on group prices.)

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