Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Free "HAM" Book Giveaway Contest

Free "HAM" Book Giveaway Contest

April, 2008

This month, we are
going to have a Free HAM Book Giveaway Contest at the HAM Country blog based on the Jerome HAM Poll questions.

The Contest is to win a free three volume set of our book "A Short History of the HAM Surname in Virginia & NC."

The person who gives the best answers to the Jerome HAM Blog Poll wins.

Here's how you can enter. You can enter by either:

- Commenting to the HAM Country blog under the Jerome HAM Poll (or Free Book Giveaway Contest).

- OR, you can enter by posting a video (to You Tube, etc).

I have decided NOT to accept email entries, except under special circumstances. That's because the Blog and You Tube are public, and it would just not be fair to accept non public entries. (I will post any special circumstance entries to the blog.)

I'll take either of those two - comments or video.

If two people tie for the best answers, and one has a video on You Tube and the other has a comment on the HAM Country blog, then I will give more points for the You Tube video. That's because it takes a little bit more effort to do a video, and the HAM Country Blog answer will be public.

However, I WILL be checking to make sure that people aren't making videos from a blog, or blogging from a video. But, if both belong to you, then that's fine.

The answers don't need to be anything too technical, nothing too fancy. You just have to give the best answers to the Jerome HAM Poll questions. You might want to remember that "real" genealogists will cite their sources.

Just convince me that your answers are the best.

There are four questions in that Poll. The questions are:

- When was Jerome HAM born?
- Jerome HAM married Sibella. What was Sibella's maiden name?
- How many children did Jerome HAM have by wife Sibella?
- Were Jerome HAM of Bristol and the Jerome HAM of York County, VA the same man?

This contest is going to run until the Jerome HAM Poll is over. It closes April 30th, 2008 at 11:59 PM. After that, there will be no more responses accepted.

I'll take a few days and read them all, or watch the videos and figure out which one I think is the best, and that person will be the winner. I will need to be able to identify who you are, so that I can announce the winner and send the you the book.

This is a nice set of books, about 10 years in the making. It's a good book to have in your library.

The winner gets all three volumes. It's got research in England, France, Virginia, and North Carolina. It's got Mordecai HAM Bible records, Revolutionary War records. It's got Amelia County, Caroline County, Orange County, and a lot of other early HAM information by County.

If you're a HAM genealogist, it's a handy reference for your library.

So, go ahead and enter the contest. Just make sure that you have the best answer. Oh, there is one trick question on the Poll. If you know your stuff, then you just might be able to figure that out and get some bonus points. I will also give bonus points for primary source records on a You Tube video.

You've got a little over two weeks to enter.
Have a good time, and while you're at it, vote on the Jerome HAM Poll questions.

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Missy said...


Despite the rather foggy instructions for the poll and contest, I think I have accomplished both. The poll is fun! Let's do more.

Best wishes to all Ham's--past, present, and future!

Odon said...

Hi Missy,

Well, looks like we have at least one entry in the contest.

I apologize for the fuzzy instructions. What I am looking for is the "correct" answers to be posted to the comments. - Not just to leave a comment.

However, since there is only one comment thus far, that means you are the front runner to be the winner!

Next month, we will a contest about the HAM Revolutionary War veterans from VA & NC.

- Odon

Unknown said...

Jerome was born before 1560.
His wife's maiden name was Cainhoe.
They had two children.
He was the same Jerome in both NC and Virginia

Missy said...

Hi, again! Thanks for the instructions.
1. Jerome was born around 1580.
2. Sibella's maiden name was Cainhoe.
3. Jerome and Sibella had 2 children.
4. Jerome of Bristol and Jerome of York County are one in the same.

Anonymous said...

1. Jerome Ham was born ABT. 1650.
2. Sibella's maiden name was Rowland.
3. Jerome and Sibella had two children.
4. Was Jerome Ham of Bristol and Jerome Ham of York county the same man? (No)

Odon said...

Congratulations go to the contest winners, "mynaime05" and "Hammer."

If "mynaime05" and "Hammer" will send me an email privately, I would like to gather their contact information so that we can send the books out. My email:

odoniv (at)