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Contest Results: Jerome HAM - April 2008

HAM Book Contest Results
Jerome HAM Poll Questions

April, 2008

We had a tie between "mynaime05" and "Hammer." Technically, "mynaime05" was the first of the two to submit their comment and therefore would be the winner for reasons of time.

I have discussed this with Geneva and Susan, and they agree to waive the fastest response this time, and permit both to win. That's mainly because there was some confusion about "how to" enter the contest. However, from now on, if there is a tie, the prize will go to the earliest entry.

There were three total entries in the contest. Both entries for
"mynaime05" and "Hammer" had two correct answers (Missy entered twice, but I only counted her "official" answer. Missy answered one question correctly.) There were four multiple choice questions in the Poll. So, the winners got two answers correct out of a total of four questions.

Both "mynaime05" and "Hammer" got the number of children correct, but differed on when Jerome HAM was born, and whether or not the Jerome HAM of Bristol and Jerome HAM of Virginia was the same man.

For when Jerome HAM was born, the Poll would accept more than one answer (there was more than one correct answer). "Hammer" selected the wrong birth date.

For the last question, the two Jerome HAM's were different men. "mynaime05" selected the wrong answer.

So, both answered two of the questions correctly.

If "mynaime05" and "Hammer" will send me an email privately, I would like to gather their contact information so that we can send the books out. My email: odoniv (at)

Congratulations go to the contest winners,
"mynaime05" and "Hammer."

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Missy said...

Interesting results! I took all of my answers from The Ham Surname Volume I. Would you kindly indicate where in either Volumes I or II the CORRECT answers can be found?

A bit of a teacher of many years, it is generally accepted that if few students answer or few students answer correctly, it is not the students' fault, but the teacher's. Something to consider.

You also might want to reconsider your attitude toward your readers. I am extremely proud of my heritage, and I am not inclined to accept sarcasm regarding it lightly. I fully intend to pursue my family's heritage, but I prefer to uphold the standards of honor set forth by my father. So, I guess I will continue my research elsewhere.

Best wishes.


Odon said...

Hi Missy,

Thank you for the constructive comments.

You would be correct, I would not be in the teaching profession. But yes, in the case where folks that have the books and do not yet know how to use them, then it would be my hope that the contest would help them to learn how to use them. However, there are many on my mailing list that I would consider to have more genealogy experience than I.

Regarding the reason for lack of participation and/or not many correct answers being given, I have been wondering what might be causing that. That it is my fault, or the fault of the book never occurred to me before. I was under the impression that many who have the book are simply not interested in entering, simply to give others a chance to win who do not yet have it. Therefore, my previous impression was that those entering were by and large not owning the book themselves, but were taking the answers from the internet. I will take some time to examine what I am doing wrong with regard to the teaching part.

If I wanted to "teach" how all of the wrong information began with Jerome HAM, then I would need to explain each point. In fact, I began working on a video script to explain how these problems began. I have about 20 pages of that script done, but it is in no way near completion.

I would have to apologize if I appear to be sarcastic, or if I appear to take your own heritage lightly. That was not my intent. My intent was to be as sincere as possible about getting the information to be as historically accurate as possible. I will now have to figure out why you believe that I was being sarcastic or flippant.

And, of course, everybody is free to choose how and where they continue their own research.

Regarding the answers:

These can be found in our book "A Short History of the HAM surname in Virginia & NC"

- When was Jerome HAM born?

The estimated birth date for the Jerome HAM of Bristol can be figured out from the top of page 46, vol #1.
His first name was also spelled as "Hierom" in Bristol records.
The estimated birth date for Jerome HAM of York County can be figured out from the dates of his first deeds and marriage in York County, VA. These dates are given in volume #2 beginning on page 21. The general presumption is that males in Virginia needed to be of about age 21 before they could own land. The marriage date can be estimated from the information given on page 24.
The estimated birth date for Jerome HAM, Jr. can most pointedly be found on page 38. I have comments about this on pages 29 and 30 as well. Evidence of family members are also given in vol #2 (VA) on pages 31, 32, 33, 34, and 35.

- Jerome HAM married Sibella. What was Sibella's maiden name?

My comments on the maiden name of Sibella CAINHOE are given in volume #2 (Virginia) on pages 20 and 21. The evidence is given in volume #2 on pages 26 and 27. References to the CAINHOE surname are easily found in the index.
The pertinent references to the ROWLAND surname are given in volume #1 (Origins & Migration) on pages 69 and 70.
As in "son Thomas ROWLAND." References to the ROWLAND surname are easily found in the index.

- How many children did Jerome HAM have by wife Sibella?

As with the birth dates question, this can be found in vol #2 on pages (VA) on pages 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, and 35.

- Were Jerome HAM of Bristol and the Jerome HAM of York County, VA the same man?

If you had worked through the above questions, then this should be obvious by now. However, I would simply state that this can be figured out from all of the pages listed above. Or, for a mroe complete illustration of this, you should view all of the references to Jerome HAM (or Hierom HAM) listed in the index for volumes #1 and #2.

- Odon IV

Missy said...

Thank you for your comments. It does help to understand where one has "missed the mark." I see I am getting less than favorable "fan mail." My intent was to alert you to what I have learned through a lot of hard work (on my own part) in communicating with students. Please inform your readers that I meant only to help. I truly believe we all need it from time to time! If it makes them happy, I will remove my name from your mail list.

Best of luck.