Thursday, April 23, 2009

ft2phy: Y-DNA STR to ATGC conversion


Y-DNA Short Tandem Repeats to ATGC conversion

The software program "ft2phy" has been posted to the HAM Country Tools area. If you've ever thought it daunting using "ft2dna" to run LAMARC, or draw trees with DNAPARS or PHYML, or if you'd like to see the "alpha" or transversion ratios for your Group, then "ft2phy" can make life a bit easier for you.

"ft2phy" can read several lines of STR data from Family Tree DNA, and use the same input format that Dean McGee's Utility does. So, if you have saved your Dean McGee Utility data into a file, then "ft2phy" can read your data file in order to produce the ATGC conversion.

ft2phy can read multiple lines of data (up to 600 lines), and it sends the output to separate data files for each marker. These files can be used in genetics programs that are compatible with the Phylip format. This version can handle up to 37 markers.

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