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Somerset and Dorset Family History Society

Somerset and Dorset Family History Society
A Decade of DNA Testing

The Greenwood Tree, the journal of the Somerset and Dorset Family History Society, has published their February issue. In it, Debbie Kennett wrote a brief article on DNA testing, which mentioned the HAM DNA Project. ("A Decade of DNA Testing," published in "Greenwood Tree.")

The journal is distributed to those who are researching family history in the counties of Somerset and Dorset.

In "A Decade of DNA Testing," Debbie explains that Y-DNA has been used as a tool to confirm documentary research about a surname. She wrote on the subject of DNA testing, and notes that the editor only wanted a short article.

Quote from the article:

"The HAM(M) project will provide 50% of the cost of a test. Other projects will no doubt have similar offers."

O.K., not quite clear there. The editors probably kept the article too brief. The HAM
DNA Project can provide 50% of the cost of the test for individuals with financial difficulties, and only if the funds are available within the HAM DNA General Fund. A number of Y-DNA Projects have similar offers.

Thanks Debbie, it is good to seen the HAM DN
A Project mentioned in a local journal.

Debbie writes:

"Circulation of the journal is quite small (probably just a few
thousand) so there is no guarantee that anyone with your surname will actually read the article."


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