Sunday, May 15, 2011

Y-STR Mutation Wars

Y-STR Mutation Wars

Dienekes' Anthroplogy blog has a note about the ongoing concern regarding dating Y-DNA.

You might recall my posting about using Y-DNA to date Viking migration to the last 2,000 years. (Rootsi et. al. had a much earlier dating for I1(a) origins in Europe.)

Well, the Viking migration article was not the first time Y-DNA dating techniques have been under scrutiny.

There is some disagreement on dating techniques when comparing SNP TMRCA estimates to STR TMRCA estimates. In this article, he is mostly talking about how to date Y-STR mutations.
Here, Dienekes talks about a new study by Busby and Capelli.

The background information about his previous blog posts is also worthwhile reading:

How Old is Y-Chromosome Adam?

Dienekes previous posts on his Y-STR series:

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