Monday, September 19, 2011

Mapping Viking Migration with Y-DNA STR's

Mapping Viking Migration with Y-DNA STR's

Y-DNA analysis of STR information can provide clues to Viking migration in recent time frames. The Y-DNA STR YMRCA estimates suggests that the Norse (Vikings) could have originated from seafaring peoples of the Mediterranean Sea.

In March, 2011, the results of grouping the DNA STR information by country for the I1 (M253) haplotype were studied.

These results suggested a migration along a sea-faring route in recent time frames. In order to visualize that, a possible migration route is presented here. As stated in the article in March, the method does have some problems. It may be worthwhile to visualization the difference in from currently posted maps of SNP's in order to contrast with what was found from the STR study.

Most SNP maps today show an overland route for M253 either through the mountains of Europe, or through the general vicinity of Germany. The STR map (below) suggests a sea-faring route, based upon TMRCA estimates for STR modal groups by country.

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Some of the resulting TMRCA estimates were stylized in order to represent the data in one graphic.

For reference, see "Y-DNA and Viking Migration"

  and "On Viking Origins & Y-DNA"

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