Friday, November 7, 2008

HAM County Origins in England

Last month's HAM Country Blog Poll indicated that folks don't know much about how the surname began. There is already a short description of how the name was derived at HAM Country, so I presume that doesn't do the trick on it's own. Therefore, HAM Surname County Origins in England has been posted to You Tube. A 3 minute video (about 4 MB in size).

Trying a different idea, it shows the Counties of Origin for the HAM surname in England. The locations are Counties in England, and have been taken from the book "A Short History of the HAM Surname in Virginia & NC."
It runs through the earliest HAM on record in volume #1. Then, it runs through the Counties graphically in alphabetical order. Set to music by Ilya Gordon.

There are actually more Counties in the book than the video mentions, such as Middlesex or Warwick.

The book has no graphs, so those of you who own a copy of volume #1 (Origins & Migration) will be better able to picture the Counties mentioned. For the rest of the folks, this is just a graphical overview.

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