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Parish Registers on line

Parish Registers on line

from the Internet Archive web site

Here's a genealogy related internet web site that is a thrill to see:

Internet Archive

They have an ongoing project to reproduce parish registers that have been long out of print.
Some of these can be purchased on CDROM from Broderbund, some can be found in our book, "A Short History of the HAM Surname in Virginia & NC."

They offer a small collection of Parish Registers, and is by no means complete.
But, if you'd like to have a copy of the Register in PDF format, or if you'd just like to search it in full text on line, you can do it at this site. (Nice!)

A short list of some of the titles:

Cornwall Parish Registers - (England) full text from the Phillimore Book, first published in 1905

Kent - Parish Register of St. Mary Chislet in England

Lancashire Parish Register #1 - from the Lancashire Parish Register Society

Middlesex - Parish Register of St. George, Hanover Square by John Henry Chapman, 1886

Middlesex - Parish Register of St. James Clarkenwell (part 1) by Robert Hovenden, Harleian Society, 1891

Middlesex - Parish Register of St. James Clarkenwell (part 2) by Robert Hovenden, Harleian Society, 1891

Register of St. Philip's Parish Charles Town, South Carolina, 1720-1758 by Alexander Samuel Salley (1904)

There are a number of parish registers located at this site. The list includes England, Ireland, Scotland, South Carolina, and Virginia. You can do a search for "parish register" among "All Media Types" to find a more complete list.

The only complaint that I could possibly have is that you have to contend with the typographical errors. The typing is usually pretty good, but at times it can throw you off.

Having many of these in our book, it is nice to have a personal PDF copy of these registers on my PC.

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