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Researching in England

Researching in England

On occasion, I get a query about doing research in England.

As with any research trip, you get more out of traveling if you are well prepared before your trip. To get the most out of a research trip, you should know what you are looking for, and know where to find it.

If you are researching in the UK, there is a web site that can help you plan your trip:

In addition to tips on working from home, they include information on "How To" get organized, where you can find local and National Centers, Record Offices, Family History Societies, Parish Registers, Census Returns, Wills, scheduled talks, Calendar of Events, addresses, and local hotels.

For example, if you wanted to research Bristol, go to the section on "Record Centres" select "Record Offices," then "Gloucestershire." Scroll down and you will find the Bristol Record Office, with street address, opening hours, Bristol Record Office Online Catalogue, information about copying materials, web site for the office, the nearby University (library), and where to find bed & breakfast accommodations.

Very nice.

Some of the categories that you can find at this site:

"Organize yourself"

- Courses

- Family History Fairs

- Genealogy talks

- Planning for Archive visits

- Document Photography

"Local Centres"

- Record Offices

- local study centres

- LDS centres

- family history societies

- local history societies

"Sources of information"

- General Register of Births, Marriages, and Deaths

- Census returns

- International Genealogical Index (IGI)

- National Burial index

- Parish Registers

- Wills and Other Probate Documents

"Researching from Home"

- Internet Sources

- Subscription sites

- CD Publications

- Microfilm & Microfiche

- Books

- Copy Documents

Plus information about National and International Centers of information.

If you want to plan a trip for research in the UK, this is a web site that could be helpful.

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