Sunday, March 25, 2012

Finding Your Roots Premier video

 Finding Your Roots 

with Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

The Wall Street Journal has an article by John Jurgensen about the new PBS series "Finding Your Roots" with Henry Louis Gates, Jr. Premiered today, part of a 10 part Prime Time series.

The Premier episode includes Newark Mayor Cory Booker and Georgia Congressman John Lewis.

They were showing back to back videos here on my local PBS station tonight, so I was able to view the program without looking through the program listings.

Georgia Congressman John Lewis

Mr. Gates has done previous videos on African Americans, but I have to say that the video interview with John Lewis was an interesting story to view. 

Newark Mayor Cory Booker

Preserving his previous video style, Gates combines genealogy with DNA and an historic perspective.

Scheduled for the series are Harry Connick, Jr., Barbara Walters, Geoffry Canada, Branford Marsalis, Samuel L. Jackson, and others.

In an upcoming episode, Mr. Gates will use DNA to find the connection in the ancestry of conservative commentator Linda Chavez and actor Adrian Grenier.

PBS "Finding Your Roots" Extended Preview:

PBS "Finding Your Roots" Preview of the Cory Booker and John Lewis Episode

"Doubling Down on DNA" Wall Street Journal article

Mr. Gates is a Harvard humanities scholar, wrote each episode of "Finding Your Roots" and is a founding partner of
African DNA, which offers African-American clients a method of tracing their history beyond 1870.

TV schedules are at the top menu of the PBS previews.

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